Wednesday, 13 May 2020

The Damned: British Punk Sensations Reveal Their Fave Colors, Loves, Hates & More!

The Damned circa 1982: Roman Jugg, Captain Sensible,
Paul Gray, Rat Scabies & Dave Vanian (photo from the I Had
Too Much To Drink Last Night bootleg)

Meet The Damned!

In 1982, four members of the Damned agreed to fill in this silly questionnaire for 
Rave-Up issue number 3. Dave Vanian wisely declined to participate and clearly some
of the guys took the task more seriously than others (hello, Roman!).

* You can read my 1998 interview with Captain Sensible here:
* You can also read my 1985 interview with Dave Vanian & Roman Jugg here:

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