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Motorhead: It Took Three Of Us To Ask Phil Campbell Four Questions

Motörhead (circa 1988) - Metal Hammer magazine
L-R: Phil Campbell, Phil "Philthy Animal" Taylor, 
Lemmy and Wurzel
Originally published in Rave-Up #16 (1989)

Interview by Devorah, Michelle & Scotty

Before the Motörhead extravaganza at the Omni (December 17, 1988), we met up with lead guitarist Phil Campbell to ask a few (four) spur-of-the-moment questions...

Q: How did you and Wurzel go about joining Motörhead? Did you have to pass any tests?

Phil: Haha! An Olympic endurance test to handle loud volume! No, actually... I read in a music paper that the other guitarist, Brian Robertson [who replaced original guitarist Fast Eddie], had left. I had supported Motörhead with my band, Persian Risk, about four months before that. So, I contacted the record company and auditioned. They got in 80 tapes, auditioned eight of us, and it came down to me and Wurzel. They couldn't decide which of us to pick, so we were both hired.

There are no photos of Phil Campbell from our interview,
but here's a pic of me (L) and Michelle (R) with Lemmy (obviously!)
Q: We've heard that this has been a real zig-zag tour. One night you're in the South, next you're up North, then back down South again...

Phil: It's been a crazy schedule! It's also been a real party tour. Last night we played in Santa Monica and hired a British pub for a drinking party!

Scotty bonded with Wurzel!
Q: You guys took over a whole pub?

Phil: Yeah, we were there for hours and drank ourselves stupid! I think everyone is hung over today. I think I can just about get through this show. It's the last one in America.

Q: Now that people over here have FINALLY discovered Motörhead, are you guys more serious about conquering the States?

Phil: We've got a new record company [Enigma] who seem to be pushing the new album [Nö Sleep at All]. We've always wanted to break America; start selling more albums so we can tour less often, play bigger places and bring the whole stage show out here.

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